Girl’s Read This! Foods to Avoid While You’re on Your Period

  1. Processed Foods

Aside from fats and sugars, salty food (which are mostly processed) are also sources of that bloated and puffy feeling. Well, no one would blame you to choose processed food instead of fresh foods because, we all know that the former is a lot easier to prepare than the latter. But, as long as you can, try to go for fresh food rather than processed food while you’re on your period. Go healthy, even just this time.


  1. Ice-Cream and Creamy Foods

Similar the effects of fatty and sugary foods, ice-cream and creamy foods also adds to the feeling of being bloated. They mess up with your hormones, making you very irritable and moody. Aside from that, they also give you calories which will stay even if you’re done with your menstruation. So girls, let us think twice before eating creamy foods again while we are on our period.


  1. Alcoholic Foods and Beverages

I know that you are tired from getting that uneasy feeling, so might want to escape for a bit and drink alcohol. But trust me when I say that it’s not your best option. It’s not even good at all! Why? Because alcohol are depressants. They won’t make you feel good, but instead they will make you more emotionally unstable. You will have stronger mood swings, and for sure, you’ll feel more depressed. That is aside from the usual hangover you’re gonna have afterwards. So, think again, eh?

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