Highest Paid PBA Players

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) players while not earning as big as their counterparts in the NBA, earn pretty much big! Some of them in fact represent certain brands in the market.

Of course, their great performance in the court and their popularity keep opportunities coming — opportunities other than their career in the basketball court.

To educate us, here’s a table of salaries of PBA players according to positions:

In no particular order, here’s the list of the big earners in PBA:

1. June Mar Fajardo:

Image result for June Mar Fajardo

Fajardo has been the best basketball player in his third season. The scores and the rebounding of the blocks are all lower than the last season. There are many of his fans who claim that this player is the most perfect of the team. There are lot of revelation in the PBA team due to him.


2. Grey Slaughter:

Related image

He has slightly built the sleeper case for the season of MVP. Although it is too early to stretch yet the campaign snare at the crowning that too with aggressiveness. This urges him to make him overtake the guy on the first position. It is said that if Greg continues to play the game then no other player can stand in comparison to him.

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