Humor and Beauty: 15 Fabulous Daughters of Local PH Comedians

  1. Ria Mae Subong

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Ria is the daughter of the Kapamilya comedian Pokwang. Not to imply anything or what, but Ria really went far ahead of her mother’s physical appearance. She has that smize and looks that makes everyone question if her mother is really the “pokwang”. However, she said that she is really proud of her mom, no matter what. She also said that she is thankful for everything that she has done for her.

  1. Brianna Bunagan

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Brianna or Yanni to her friends is the daughter of comedian Michael V. unlike her father, she opt to stay out the limelight. She is now 17 years old and is still studying. Many are dying to know if she really has no interest in showbiz because aside from being beautiful, she also has that angelic voice waiting to be uneashed.

  1. Samantha de Leon

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Sam is none other than the daughter of the former Eat Bulaga host Keempee de Leon. She is now 20 years old and is currently studying at Enderun Colleges in Manila. When asked about the possibility of her joining showbiz, she always said that it is near impossible because her dad doesn’t want her to.

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