Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to many beautiful women. Our race is particularly unique as our country has been a melting pot of various nationalities which have been part of our history as a people.

But, before you folks argue, and fight over your beauties of choice, don’t forget this: Beauty is relative. Whoever is included in this list, well…. they’re beautiful to my eyes.

For starters, beauty is a construct and therefore, is relative. It means, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. So, there’s no quantitative gauge or metric in telling how beautiful a person is. You can try aesthetics, the likes of asymmetry, variety, etc. But, generally speaking, there’s no criteria. What is pleasing to the eye, is simply pleasing to the eye, no need to be technical.

Anne Curtis


Anne is born to an Australian father and a Filipina mother, which apparently is a beautiful combination. She is one of the lead hosts of a popular noontime show in the Philippines called Showtime. She also stars in a leading TV series called Dyesebel, where she plays a mermaid. She is not just beautiful; she is also very charming and funny that people easily get drawn to her aura.

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Angel Locsin


Her fans both in the Philippines and in foreign countries adore Angel. Yes, she is beautiful and sexy, but it is her friendly and down to earth attitude that grabs the hearts of people. She starred in some of the best TV series in two of the biggest networks in the Philippines. She starred in Mulawin and Darna from GMA7, then Lobo in ABS CBN.

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Bea Alonzo


Bea Alonzo is of British-Filipino descent. She’s one of the most popular actresses on TV and films these days. She is currently working on a new project entitled Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon.

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Carla Abellana


Carla Abellana is a successful commercial model and actress. She starred in the Filipino version of Rosalinda, one of the biggest Mexican telenovelas.

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17 Responses

  1. Mike Bugal says:

    Not a flat nose, black hair or brown skin among them. The message they want to convey is clear: Filipina is only beautiful when mixed with other ethnic groups or artificially whitened to look Western.

    • Tin Ramos says:


  2. mostly from abs cbn …..sarah geronimo included? ha ha ha where’s megan young…fuck you abs cbn

  3. Meliza says:

    I think “21 of the Sexiest Celebrities” is more appropriate.

  4. Joanna Pacubas says:

    oh, bakit hindi kasali c Liza Soberano?? She’s the most beautiful of them all!

    • daisy says:

      no. 21 si liza ….tingnan mo mabuti

  5. Chris Cruz says:

    apparently, information regarding some of the actresses here are so outdated like years ago.

  6. Tom says:

    Ann Curtis praised Madonna for her recent concert in MNL, in which she (Madonna), wrapped in the Philippine flag, proceeded to drag it across the stage.
    I am seriously underwhelmed.

  7. Dr. Bernardito L. Dacubor says:

    The appropriate title must be: 21 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN PHILIPPINE SHOWBIZ.

  8. novi says:

    Liza was in the list of the world most beautiful face, no.6 and Kathryn is no. 80, bat wla cla dito?:

  9. kim says:

    dapat lang naman na wala si kathryn jan retokado ilong nun

  10. bebie says:

    hindi lahat naka lista dito ay most beautiful ang iba dito eh, retoke lang kaya gumanda…maniniwala akong pinakamaganda talaga kapag walang make up ….

  11. bebie says:

    si shaina nga ay maganda pero hindi nasali ….mas maganda pa sya kysa iba …..

  12. mitch says:

    yung walang retoke…plss..

  13. Peter says:

    many Filipinos are stupid racist…looking down on themselves, worship the beauty of people who live a life lightyears away from the lives of an average flat-nose, brownskinned 5 foot filipino. Filipinos have a terrible taste…in all fields of life….no sense for beauty at all.

  14. bluebird says:

    JANINE GUTIERREZ is tall, slim and gorgeous!!!

  15. Tina says:

    Kristine Hermosa must be included..also Kathryn Bernardo,a true Filipina beauty!