Mother & Daughter tandem humiliates MCDO cashier. What the manager did is a shocker!

One thing we are best at is when we are angry, we tend to fight using English as the language as if we are someone who came from a very refutable schools and prestigious country. However, sometimes, this attitude put us to the grill and give us a bite of our own medicine.

Let take this story uploaded in Facebook about how a Mother and Daughter humiliated a cashier who happens to be a 3rd Year Psychology Student. What the manager did to the customers will surely shock you!

This happened in MCDO Angeles.




Let this be an example to everyone that no matter what your state in life is, you are not given the right to humiliate someone in front of many people especially if you are the one who is at fault.

Kudos to the manager for doing a courageous act. May all the managers in the world be just like him.

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