Not One, but Manny: Pacquiao’s Numerous Local and International Endorsements

  1. Vitwater

Probably one of the funniest endorsements by Pacquiao is the one that involved this product, Vitwater. Vitwater is a purified water with enriched nutrients and flavors – a perfect drink after a tedious work out. Pacquiao’s role on the endorsement is to just drink the water and talk why it should be one’s choice. But being a funny person, he used his ‘bisaya’ tone on introducing the product. Days after that “now you know” – his exact lines, went viral.

  1. Head and Shoulders (P&G)

Pacquiao has already established his credibility as a product endorser, that even his favorite shampoo get him to the brand ambassador. The exact endorsement featured Pacquiao losing his game because of an itchy scalp. So, the morale of the ad is to use the product to avoid the itchy scalp so one can prevent losing it on a game.

  1. San Miguel Beer

One of the Pacquiao’s superb endorsement was with Erik Morales. It was the one featuring the two drinking San Miguel Beer after their three-time fight. Morales’ most memorable line in there was “Wala kang katulad, Manny”, whom most Filipino perceived as a kind, honest and respectful gesture from someone who just lost in a fight of a lifetime.

  1. Rexona (Unilever)

Nobody wants smelly armpits, after sweating a lot. Even the People’s Champ does not want that, so he agreed on endorsing Rexona, a well-known deodorant product. Since Manny’s work involve a lot of sweating, his credibility as the endorser is high. It is believed that the product sales went up after manny advertised it

  1. Datu Puti

The jampacked commercial of Manny ever! Datu Puti went a little over the top when they included Manny, Mommy D and Coach Freddie Roach on a one-minute commercial. The local commercial has caught the ‘kiliti’ of the masses because the way it has been presented is so Pinoy in nature. Plus the ‘barok’ tagalog of Coach Freddie and ‘bisaya’ of Mommy D. It was really enjoyed by the local viewers.

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