President Wannabes, Here are the Top 10 Problems of the Philippines You Have to Fix

President Wannabes, Here are the Top 10 Problems of the Philippines You Have to Fix

The 2016 Election is fast-approaching. Politicians’ faces start to greet us everywhere (i.e. in tarpaulins, in TV ads, during fiestas, etc.). Soon, we will once again promises… promises bound to be broken.

Philippine politics has always been like this mendicant, cheap (not referring to millions of dole outs for buying votes) and petty. Politicians claim they represent the interests of the people they claim to serve, yet our experience with these kind of politicians tell us that they’ll fail to deliver.

So, what is our agenda as a people, and as a nation? We are the bosses of these leaders-to-be. It is in the social contract we have with these leaders that they look after our interests. So, we lay down the top 10 biggest problems these leaders-wannabe (especially the Presidentiables) have to fix.

10. Traffic

traffic-jam-0218This may seem a little Manila-centric but this is crucial. Why? Because every day, our economy loses 2.4 billion pesos due to traffic alone. “If time is money, then the Philippines is losing P2.4 billion a day in potential income due to traffic congestion that eats up time that could have been used for productive pursuits,” Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said

It was the Japanese think-tank Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which conducted the study that estimates our daily lose due to traffic daily. JICA projects that by 2020, if current traffic situation worsen at its current pace, we could lose up to 6 billion pesos in potential income DAILY.

Needless to say, our leaders must to fix this problem, not just because traffic is a big inconvenience, but because it is an economic detriment.

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