Prevent Cold and Flu with Just ONE Ingredient

Let’s take flu and cold seriously.

We often ignore symptoms of cold and flu, but it is not something to just sneeze at because it can actually kill you. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 3,697 Americans died from influenza which is commonly called flu in the year 2013. Moreover, it also results in a major financial impact. According to a study of flu in the U.S. in 2003, annual suffering of this flu resulted in an average of 610,660 life-years lost, 3.1 million hospitalized days, and 31.4 million outpatient visits. To calculate, the direct medical costs averaged $10.4 billion annually, and the projected lost earnings due to illness and loss of lifetime amounted to $16.3 billion annually. In total, the economic burden caused by influenza epidemics amounted to $87.1 billion.

There are lots of remedies available in pharmacies for cold and flu however, prevention is always better than cure. For those health-conscious readers that are looking to boost their immune system you have a choice on getting vaccination to prevent getting hit by flu, or taking supplements over the counter. On the other hand, there is one ingredient you can also use, if you prefer to go natural.

The Virus-killing Power of Olive Leaves

Based on olive leaves contain an antibacterial and antiviral component called oleuropein and also, has been reported effective in repairing damage from radiation such as X-rays, protect against the HIV virus, herpes virus, is an excellent antioxidant and free-radical eliminator, and also helps protect against cardiovascular disease. In the year 1960, researchers at the Upjohn Company discovered an antimicrobial fraction of oleupein called calcium elenolate. This substance is said to be successful in killing viruses as the researchers test it using both vitro and vivo studies. It is demonstrated in studies that olive leaf extract are useful to fight wide range of bacteria, protozoa, yeast, parasites and fungi.

What’s more is that a 1975 study found that a monoterpene that was taken from olive extract can use as virucidal agent that killed several viruses. This isolated compound which is calcium elenolate was proven by researchers that are capable of fighting every type of myxovirus. The myxoviruses include measles and mumps, which add on why olive leaf extract is a wonderful tool to remain healthy.

Olive leaf extract is not only helpful in fighting the viruses that causes common cold and flu, but also can potentially kill the virus that causes HIV and herpes simplex virus. Its virus killing is really remarkable even though it is yet unknown if olive leaf extract can cure HIV by totally removing the virus from the body.

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