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Another Healing Benefit of Olive Leaf

  •   Recovering from radiation poisoning

One of the amazing uses of olive leaf extract is that it includes ingredient which can use as protection against radiation from X-rays. Observe that when you have to visit a dentist they cover you with heavy lead apron as shield to harmful effect of radiation to body tissues.

  • Powerful antioxidant

The oleuropein from olive leaf extract is also a good antioxidant. This substance scrambles through the body searching out free radicals and disposing of them before they damage tissues. Researches think that this antioxidant is so strong that they conclude that olive leaf extract can be used to cure someone who has been poisoned by a common pesticide.

  • Lowers cholesterol

Researchers found that  oleuropein has protective effects found in studies of cardiovascular disease and that antioxidant properties of the main polyphenols present in olive extracts, oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol increase the LDL resistance to oxidation and reduce the plasmatic levels of total, free and esterifies cholesterol.

On the health professionals’ side, it was believed and proven that the health benefits of olive leaf extract are useful in many ways. It was suggested to consider it part of health-beneficial food additive. Therefore, they also recommend adding it to pesticides to cure accidental poisonings. Also, heart health, poison protection, virus protection, and radiation protection are valid reasons to add olive leaf extract to your treatment to gain healthy life.

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