Here are Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Pork NOW!

Have you ever wonder why there some people chooses not to eat pork? Why the vegetarian population increases? Why does some religion poses eating pork as a taboo? Well, if you haven’t asked that, you must do now. Eating pork has been one of the trademarks of the society, then and now. Pork or pig meat has been the most stable food for all people across countries and across some cultures. As a matter of fact, every part of the pig has uses and can be cooked into a particular recipe. Despite that, why do the groups mentioned above still chose not to eat pork? What is in it that is not so likeable for this group of people?

The pig, as we all know is an animal that thrives on whatever is in there. It is never choosy about its food, so clearly it eats whatever there is; thus the name ‘scavenger’. That being said, one cannot be sure of the cleanliness and the purity of its meat. According to some religious sects, it is the reason why they impose upon members to stop eating pork or pig products. It’s uncleanliness and impurity somehow ‘tarnishes’ their faith. On the vegetarian’s side, they strongly advocates to boycott pig products or any meat products because of the cruelty inflicted upon animals when they are being killed. This is especially true on how a pig is being butchered and cut into pieces.

Here is a video below that will show you how unclean pig meat is. When soaked in a soda for two hours, a regular pork will release tiny maggots. It is from the meat itself. Imagine having tiny maggots in your stomach because of the impure meat you ate. What’s worse than eating maggots is that, they do die when you eat them. They just grew inside, to become your stomach parasites. According to a healthy study, 1 of 3 Americans have these stomach parasites. This statistic would still go up if one would not stop eating pork.

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