Signs You are Lack of Vitamin C

3. Unhealthy teeth and gums

Vitamin C also contributes in having healthy teeth and gums. Thus, lacking enough vitamin C can cause loosening of teeth and erosion of gums. On dentist’s side, this vitamin is important to gum health as the nutrient from it strengthens the lining of the epithelium, which is a barrier that prevents bacteria to penetrate the gum line. Tests for low levels of vitamin are common for those with periodontal problems.

4. Weak immune system

The body’s immune system won’t function well when the levels of vitamin C is low. As a result, a person may get sick more often and also, the healing process of wounds take slow because of lacking vitamin C. The immune system’s capacity to fight infections similarly lessened. Vitamin C is important as it works independently and in unit with other macronutrients to toughen the immune system of our body.

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