Signs You are Lack of Vitamin C

5. Weakening of the body

Vitamin C deficiency anemia is the actual condition that can happen with inadequate amounts of vitamin C, according to the Mayo Clinic. This disease is the most common condition in the United States with approximately 3.5 million Americans. A common symptom of anemia is body weakness because of low levels of healthy blood cells or hemoglobin. Getting inadequate production of blood cells leads our organs to not get essential nutrients to function well.

6. Visibly unhealthy skin

Vitamin C is important in gaining a healthy skin, its potent antioxidant plays an important role in maintenance of the connective tissue of our body. Also, vitamin C is important in performing collagen synthesis, which is a vital component of having healthy skin. In addition, this vitamin may aid in the prevention of UV-causing skin damage. Lacking enough level of vitamin C have negative effects on our skin, including discoloration and wrinkling.

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