Stop the Growth of Cancer Cells! Avoid these Food Now!

  1. Soda and Carbonated Beverages

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Need we say more? The mere process of producing soda and carbonated beverages is itself risky and dangerous, so the product is indeed a lot worse. Sodas and carbonated beverages contain tons of sugar, both artificial and organic which is indirectly bad for the health. According to a health study, pancreatic and endometrial cancer are some of the effects of drinking too much carbonated beverages and sodas. Moreover, sodas uses food coloring and additional flavorings which are highly bad for one’s health.  Although you may seem fine now, you can never tell the future. These drinks are also silent killers. So stop now, before it’s too late.

> Side Effects of Drinking Sodas such as Coke, Pepsi, etc.

Since carbonated drinks are advertised positively, it has been taken as a purely ‘healthy’ drink by many. But according to a study conducted at the University of Southern California, drinking these causes a lot of health problems and here are some of them”

  1. Nasal Cavity Pain – Carbonation from beverages like soda causes two sensations, making your mouth taste sour and a tingling feeling in your nose and throat. The burning sensation that many people feel when drinking carbonated drinks stems from nerves that respond to pain sensations and temperature in your nose and mouth.
  2. Heartburn – having heartburns are normal, but if they happen in a very irregular and unusual way then you should think about why. It may be because of too much intake of carbonated drinks. Researchers report that frequent heartburn may lead to laryngitis, asthma and pneumonia. If you often have heartburn try cutting back on carbonated drinks as this may be the culprit.
  3. Kidney Damage – Since it is the organ responsible for clearing and filtering the body fluids and waste, it is the one who suffers from drinking and eating unhealthy food – which include carbonated drinks. As mentioned earlier, sodas uses artificial colorings, and these harms the kidney because when accumulated it becomes highly toxic. According to a health study, kidneys may swell because of this toxin.
  4. Bone Health – The state of your skeletal system is also at risk because of too much intake of carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid, which has been shown to deplete calcium levels and bone mass. This only means that a person who0 drinks too much sodas has weaker bones than those persons who do not drink. If you do not want to suffer from bone problems later in your life, we suggest you stop drinking soda now.
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