Student Peddling ‘Kakanin’ After School Restores Hope in Humanity

Most of the adults I talk to these days say millennial (youth) of today are very different from the youth back in their times (in terms of values and moral inclinations). Our lolas and lolos would say teenagers of their times are nicer, groomed, and “masunurin” than the youth of today. Well, that seems to be correct. Even the church notes the continuous erosion of social and moral values – the youth in particular have become addicted to literal (drinking, smoking, and drugs)and social vices (godlessness, pornography, non-recognition of authority, etc.). While most of the youth have become politically and socially apathetic and recluse — plays video games all day, no passion for learning, always hyped about showbiz chismis, and other non-nonsensical stuff.
“The youth is the hope of the Fatherland,” Dr. Rizal said decades ago, with the hope that the youth will come to the ailing nation’s rescue. But this seems to fade given the current social cancer plaguing especially the youth. Thus, when people see something that is not typical, they get surprised, awed, and also…. inspired maybe. This is what people say when they got to know Rogelio Guevara (a.k.a. SAPA) from Cainta, Rizal.

He went viral online after a celebrity fan-page shared photos of Rogelio selling “kakanin” (dessert-snacks) in the streets through his improvised food cart. He caught everyone’s attention and interest. The post about him have been liked and shared thousand times and was flooded with heart-warming commentaries from the netizens.

Obviously, the people see him not as a typical apathetic hopeless boy, rather as a fighter, hopeful, and diligent young man. May he serve as an inspiration to all of us especially the unfortunate ones. And to the fortunate individuals, may he serve as a reminder of the opportunities that you have but the many like Rogelio do not have. Please go out of your way and lend a helping hand to build this nation and uplift its people.

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