The 10 most expensive tertiary schools in the Philippines

10. Far Eastern University

10. Far Eastern University

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Annual tuition fees – PHP 80,000 – 155,000
Basic tuition fees for local students – PHP 37,000 – 69,000
Basic tuition fees for foreign students – PHP 66,000 – 78,000

Last but certainly not the least (and certainly not cheap either), Far Eastern University is known for its great set ofcourses offered, which includes Architecture, Accountancy, Fine Arts, Literature, Information Technology, and Law. FEU has around 25,000 students today.

Notable alumni: Henry Sy, Lucio Tan

Before you go on complaining about the amount of money needed to enroll in these universities, let us remind you that these are also some of the best college schools in the country. These 10 schools carry great reputations for offering high quality education. However, there are also universities like University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Philippine Normal University that also provide great education quality, but are not as expensive as the schools mentioned on this list.

In the end, everything will still depend on a student’s willingness to study and do good in school. There are students who didn’t become successful despite studying in top-tier universities in the Philippines while there are those who managed to have great accomplishments despite coming from little-known schools.

In short, schools will just appear on your resume and will only give people the idea of where you were as a student, but they will not define your intellect, potential, and future. Those three will be created and molded by you.

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