Thorns of Showbizness! Top 7 “Maarte” and “Mataray” Filipino Celebrities

Showbizness is a big collage of personalities. While some people are admired of being the golds and roses of show business, some are abhorred for being the thorns. Some people are famous for being kind, sweet, loving and friendly on and off cam. While some are the opposite! They were all these sweet and friendly on cam, but off camera they are really not. So, to give you the names of these actors and actresses, check this out!

  1. Joey De Leon

My E-net

My E-net

Known as “Ang Poet Nyo” or the “Alalay ng Panday”, Joey de Leon is really one heck of a comedian. Although he has that unusual sense of humor, he is really a man of the masses. But did you know that sometimes, Joey is not that all funny? Well, according an online poll released in 2010, he usually is this “nagger” and “bossy” type of actor. He also was observed to be the “maarte” actor during sets.

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