She thought the manager would drive the beggar away, what happened after made her cry

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Fastfood stores like Jollibee, McDonalds, and KFC (or any other establishment) have a “no solicitation” policy and do not entertain beggars and solicitors. Despite that policy, a KFC manager in Cebu City defied this policy and followed his humanity.

In a Facebook post of Kimberly P., she narrated her encounter with a beggar and a branch manager in a KFC branch in Cebu City which she said restored her faith in humanity.

She documented the encounter and posted it in her account. She recalls being approached by an old man with a broken arm and a black bag asking for alms. She and some other customers gave the old man cash.

She thought the manager would drive the beggar away, what happened after made her cryThen she saw the manager approaching and thought he’ll shoo the old man away, since it is standard policy for establishments not to entertain nor tolerate solicitors and beggars.

To her surprise, the manager offered him food and talked to him instead. He asked his crew members to replace the coins the old collected with bills (he collected 150 pesos, but the manager gave him 200 pesos instead).

The old man left the establishment thankful and happy. For Kimberly, what happened seemed unexplainable but was glad it did. She asked the manager why he did what he did.

The manager said his father is about the old man’s age and can’t stand pushing him away. He also said the old man’s boy is suffering from a mental illness, thus the old man has to rely on himself to survive.

Kimberly said she was teary eyed after witnessing what happened and realised a lot of values. “It makes you think that a lot of people complain about not having the things that they want like an expensive bag or shoes, while there’s someone out there who can’t even provide a meal for a day..or someone who couldn’t afford to seek for medical attention.. And then there’s also someone who’s stripping in public to get an iPhone,” Kimberly writes.
Admittedly, Kimberly said it feels good seeing acts of kindness everyday. She ended her post with her wishful thinking that may there be more kind people in the world.

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