Top 10 Architecture Schools in the Philippines

We already have our list of the best engineering and best law schools in the country. Now, let us find out which architecture schools in the country deliver the best architecture education. Whether you are a soon-to-be archi student, or just a curious fellow, It’s worth knowing how our universties fare in the field of architecture. Tell us if you find your school here!

(Data used to rank these architecture schools is from the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) which you can access by clicking on the Architecture Licensure Examination Year you want to view. The following are the top performing schools in the Architect Licensure Examinations in the past three years: 2013, 2014, and 2015.)


  1. University of the Philippines – Diliman – 100 %

University-of-the-Philippines-DilimanThe University of the Philippines began to offer Bachelor of Science in Architecture in Academic Year 1956-1957. The program was initially offered by the UP College of Engineering, until it was transferred under the College of Fine Arts in 1958. The College of Fine Arts was renamed as the School of Fine Arts and Architecture afterwards.

It was just in 1970 that the UP College of Architecture (UPCA) became an independent unit. The college introduced Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture in 1971. In 1999, the Commission on Higher Education recognized it as the National Center for Excellence in Architecture.

The Graduate Programs offered by the UPCA are Master of Architecture and Master of Tropical Architecture. To know more, click here.

Passing Rates:

2015 – 100 %

2014 – 100 %

2013 – 100 %

Depending on the Socialized Tuition System Bracket Assignment

  • 1,500 Php per unit for Bracket A students
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