Top 10 Architecture Schools in the Philippines

  1. University of Santo Tomas – 81.47 %

University-of-Santo-Tomas-300x300No school can beat the University of Santo Tomas when it comes to the oldest: the oldest engineering school, the oldest medical school, the oldest law school, and etcetera. Perhaps, it is expected that it is the oldest university that offered Architecture in the country, established in 1930.

The college offers a five-year B.S. Architecture program. Its architecture students may choose to specialize in Heritage Conservation, Environmental Management Planning, and Landscape Architecture on their third year. To know more, click here.

Aside from the UP College of Architecture, the UST College of Architecture is another recipient of the Commission on Higher Education Center of Excellence in Architecture (2000). For it has the highest number of examinees in the licensure examination every year.

Passing Rates:

2015 – 88.74 %

2014 – 81.89 %

2013 – 73.79 %

          52,000-72,000 per semester

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