Top 10 IT/Computer Schools in the Philippines

Information Technology has become one of the most sought after course in the year 2015. Why? Because of its many career opportunities. If you are someone taking up an IT course or maybe something related to computers you have a wide range of careers you might want to get into. You can be a programmer, an animator, a graphics artist or maybe IT personnel in an office, making websites or even simply be a part of their social media campaign. These kinds of opportunities left those students who are taking up IT choose their own path. However, before reaching to what you want to become, you need first to know and choose the right school that would provide you the right education you need to be successful. Here is list of the top ten schools you might want to be a part of.

1. AMA University

amau3AMA University was the first ICT School in Asia. Up until now, AMA University maintains its reputation as one the best educators when it comes to Information Technology. There are lots of reasons why AMA University is one of the best. They have high quality facilities and as of now, produce graduates that specialize in programming, electronics and robotics. Recently, AMA University’s latest achievement is today’s ECE board top notcher, Engr. Rodolfo C. Salvador who received one million pesos from the University for bringing glory to its Alma matter. If you are still a bit sketchy in remembering AMA University, you must have heard of the “ILOVEYOU” virus, which is considered by Guinness Book of Records as the fastest growing virus before the Virus Mydoom in 2004. The person responsible for the said virus was AMA student, De Guzman. The crime was thoroughly investigated by the FBI but then again, all charges were dropped because no suitable case can be filed here in the Philippines that would sue this student, he was then marked dropped out for life by AMA followed by Former President Joseph Estrada’s signing of the Republic Act 8792 or also known as Philippine Electronic Commerce Act of 2000.
With Daniel Padilla’s cool singing and dancing aspiring IT Students would surely fall in love—I mean, with the school.

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