Top 10 Richest Filipino Celebrities

  1. Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta ©

Sharon Cuneta ©


She is known as a singer even in her early years, her first album was released when she was just 12 years old: entitled: “Tawag ng Pag-ibig”. However, the said release did not make it to the charts because of its response, saying that she was too young for love songs and yet too old for children’s songs. She is one of the biggest singers in the Filipino music industry.

She collaborated a number of duets with International singer David Pomeranz and other singers. It wasn’t just her singing career that made her famous, she also starred in 53 films, 10 TV shows and released a total of 40 albums.

This turn of events made her a billionaire as well as her investments in various businesses. She is now the highest paid endorser in the industry paid P8 million to P15 million in her every endorsement. Earning 1 billion as her network might not be that hard for this mega star.

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