Top 15 Colleges and Universities in Manila with the highest passing rates in Licensure Exams

A few days ago, we stated that a school’s ability to give high quality education can be found out in the results and passing rates of the licensure exams its students take. We made a list of the ten best universities and colleges in the entire Philippines based on licensure exam performance. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here.

However, we found it necessary to make another list with the same focus but different area. So, without further due, we present to you the 15 best tertiary schools in Manila with the highest passing rate in licensure exams. For this list, we followed the same criteria from the previous article we posted two days ago. The only difference is that this list is focused on schools who participated in at least 10 licensure exams so that schools who have a passing rate of below 50% won’t be included.

Just like the previous list, we have also included the passing rates for each board exams these schools participated in.

Is your school on this list or not? Find it out, let’s begin!

  1. Far Eastern University

homeAccumulated Passing Rate based on 12 Licensure Exams – 59.8%

Medical Technology Board Exams94%
Licensure Exams for Psychometricians 45%
Nurses Licensure Exams86%
Real Estate Broker Licensure Exams55%
Licensure Exams for Secondary Teachers 72%
CPA Licensure Exams 62%
Architect Licensure Exams66%
Master Plumber Licensure Exams43%
Licensure Exams for Elementary Teachers90%
Real Estate Appraiser Licensure Exams48%
Environmental Planner Licensure Exams20%
Civil Engineering Licensure Exams40%
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  1. gg says:

    Not reliable

  2. Tolits says:

    I’m a Tomasino… just wondering where’s Ateneo?

  3. Jordan says:

    congrats UDM MERLIONS :)\