Top 5 Richest Teen PH Celebrities

  1. Daniel Padilla

Need I say more? Daniel John Ford Padilla is really a star and a millionaire on his own! Being born to both celebrity parents, DJ already holds a great future ahead of him. But this is not what makes him one of the richest. Hailed as the “Teen King”, DJ has a lot of numerous projects in the showbiz industry that gives him money. He started his acting career in 2010, and in just six years, he has been able to produce 4 studio albums which by the way all ranked as Platinum, 7 teleseryes which had high ratings, 9 films which were all top grossing, and a lot other achievements! He did all these in 6 short years! Aside from his talents, he also is a very good-looking guy; a younger version of his uncle Robin Padilla, as everybody would say. From all of these projects, he already was able to give his mother a home; by home we mean a classy fully furnished house in one of the most exclusive subdivisions in the country. Fans are so excited about what DJ has yet to offer. Let us all watch out!

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