Top 5 Richest Teen PH Celebrities

  1. Kathryn Bernardo

Yes, one should never forget about the ‘better half’ or the partner of DJ who is no other than Kathryn. Together, they build the KathNiel fandom, the strongest fandom in the country as they would say. Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo, hailed as the “Teen Queen” is yet another teenage millionaire because of the showbiz industry. She has similar projects with Daniel because they did it together. But since she admitted that singing is not her forte, her other sidelines include modelling. She actually was chosen as a cover girl for Teen Vogue in 2013. However, there might have been some complications because the project did not push through. Nonetheless, Kathryn had many projects that can suffice to fill her pockets. Similar with Daniel, she has a lot of investments enough to put her in the list.

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