Tycoons and Businesses: Forbes’ List Top 20 Richest People in the Philippines

Philippines, being hailed as the Pearl of the Orient Seas is yet another strategic location to put up businesses in. It being surrounded by bodies of water, and by multiple developed and developing economies make it more vulnerable to imminent success. These reasons were used by some of the opportunistic individuals to make it big in the economic industry. The strength of being a Filipino and being in the Philippines has been maximized well to achieve such economic success. The following names are the richest people in the Philippines according to the Forbes Rich List released this 2016.

20. Roberto Ongpin

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With a net worth of $900M, Roberto is the 20th richest individual in the country today. He has been known as the previous Minister of Trade and Industry during the MArcos Administration. Inspired and encouraged after the EDSA REvolution, he started making his way into building his own business empire. He has ventured into real estate development, resort development, mining, energy and transportation business deals. After the Revolution, he instituted Belle Corp, then Atok-Wedge Inc., Alphaland, PhilWeb Corporation and a lot more. He has indeed accomplished a lot, but according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ongpin is to pay for several fines because of some misconducts in the different industries he has ventured into.

19. Betty Ang

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Betty Ang is the Philippines’ 19th richest individual with a net worth that is equal to $905

  1. Unlike Roberto, her source of wealth is not that diversified. She has focused her investments and all her business deals into the Food industry. Her most successful venture is the establishment of the very stable Monde Nissin company – the home of the very delicious and Filipino’s all time favorite Lucky Me! And different biscuits. Today, she has been doing some business expansions by collaborating wi9th different food companies overseas like the Nippon Indosari in Indonesia and with the Japanese retailer Uniqlo.
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