WATCH: Elevators and Escalators KILLED people in China

China has a reputation for making and manufacturing things that can threaten a person’s health and life. Even Chinese people are starting to realize the truth.

This week, a series of news about people getting killed by malfunctioning building machines in China became viral on social media and the internet. Some of these accidents even had video footages of victims who suffered gruesome deaths.

Last Thursday, a woman was almost beheaded when she got stuck in a faulty elevator in an apartment in Hangzhou. The still unnamed lady reportedly entering the lift from the 16th floor of the building when it suddenly closed and went up, causing her head to be stuck. Rescuers were able to bring the woman to the hospital, but doctors pronounced her dead because of severe neck trauma.

Watch the video below:

A couple of days earlier in Wuxi city, a woman was also crushed to her death when an elevator closed while she was just partly inside of it. Her body was heavily dismembered when the authorities found it.

Before these elevator accidents, a CCTV footage was posted on YouTube, featuring an escalator in a mall at Hubei that took the life of a 30 year old woman when a metal panel collapsed as she and her son just reached the top of the machine. The woman, who was identified as Xian Liujuan was able to push her son away from harm and towards an employee of the mall when the accident happened. After making sure that the child was safe, the employee tried to rescue Liujuan, but she failed as the escalator kept on rolling, eventually swallowing Liujuan. Rescuers recovered her lifeless body four hours later.

Watch the video below:

China has been experiencing this problem for a couple of years now. In fact, the viral CCTV footage of an Architecture student from Huaqiao University in China being choked to death by an elevator happened last year, September 14, 2014 to be exact. The man was just partially inside the elevator when its doors closed, causing him to be stuck with no immediate help. In less than five minutes, the student was already dead.

Watch the video below:

China is the worldwide leader in terms of elevator and escalator production. As of 2014, more or less three million of these machines are being used in the said country. However, around 2000 of these machines are 15 years of age, and these machines have been the cause of 48 accidents and 36 deaths in China that year.

However, three accidents involving elevators and escalators in less than ten days is really alarming. Reports said that many people in China are starting to avoid these machines and are taking the traditional stairs because of the fear that these machines might malfunction while they are on it. Establishment owners in that country are making efforts to make sure that unwanted events like those mentioned above will be avoided.

We are wondering, do people need to die first before malfunctioning machines in buildings like elevators and escalators are repaired, or replaced?

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