We Need to Know this: Gerd or Ulcer of your Stomach Pain?

🌱 what is gerd?

(gastroesofagal reflux)

Died suddenly due to gerd

Let’s learn…

At least read what it means to be more aware with our body.

Enjoy your life.

Enjoy life and be grateful as much as you can.

🌳 due to gerd

Want to know the result of gerd?

If the stomach acid goes up the chest, then the chest will feel hot as it burns.

If he goes up about the heart area then the rhythm of heart beat can be disturbed so the heart can be pounding tight so that debarannya is like a bell that feels like it’s going to

If the stomach acid goes up the lungs then it will disrupt the lung function so that we will be often shortness of breath.

If the stomach acid is up get it ENT (throat, nose and ear) then the throat will often happen inflammation then it will be hard to swallow.

If the throat has an infection and then it narrows this what makes people feel if sleeping like strangled people and throat always feels like there is something propping.

Then what happens to the nose if often hit by gastric acid that rises?

The nose can experience sinusitis.

Symptoms are like flu that doesn’t heal all year long.


One day flu is not very good.

What if it happens in everyday over the whole year?

Then what if the stomach acid seeping the ear?

People who are affected by chronic mag that then evolve into gerd often then hearing becomes reduced.

Can even lose his hearing at all.

So alarming huh?

Not just throat, nose and ears that can then be disturbed.

But the eyes can be affected by the rising of stomach acid everywhere.

The Vision of people and gerd is often disturbed because the nerve nerve is disrupted by gastric acid that seeping into the eyes.

So it becomes blurry his sight.

That’s not only the suffering of chronic ulcer and gerd.

If many organs become disturbed by their function because of the rise of stomach acid then the suffering they experience is very alarming.

Unless the stomach feels like a slit knife then they will also shortness of breath and heart

🌵 the mistakes of the people of ulcer

An ulcer is a silent killer.

The Killer is secretly and the reaper we consider lightly.

I also have ulcer pain because my blood type o the high level of acidities.

The most ulcer disease is blood type o.

Blood type o generally not recommended to be vegetarian.

One of the biggest mistakes of the sufferers people is:

– straight to take ulcer medicine

Taking my medicine so I can eat is ❌ (wrong).

At the important thing do not eat first so that the stomach can rest.

Take a pinch of salt, suck it slowly.

In a matter of minutes the stomach will feel comfortable because the acid is neutralized by the nature of the base on

– don’t understand

Many ulcer think they don’t want to depend on drugs.

They think acid in the stomach will be lost when given food or sweet drink or will be lost with the passing of time.

That’s a wrong thought.

Gastric acid is corrosive that helps the process of digest.

But it is very destructive if it is excessive.

Immediately neutralise acid by smoking salt.

Then make a warm salt solution + Lemon / lime drip.

Lemon taste sour but the nature is basa.

The Sour Flavor is suppressed with salt salt.

– not aware of the cause

Many ulcer think that ulcer pain is dsebabkan because:

  • – late to eat
  • – drinking coffee
  • – eating sour
  • – eating spicy
  • – eating rice sticky rice
  • – eating coconut
  • – and others

It’s not!!!

The main cause is not that.

Late to eat, coffee, Sour & Spicy, sticky rice & coconut milk and others it’s just a secondary cause.

🍂 the most important cause of ulcer pain is precisely:

– Setress

– lack of motion


Occupying the ultimate place for gastric tukak.

The concentration of gastric acid increases several times higher in stress than the late meal.

Lack of motion,

The body makes the motion of peristaltic on the intestine and the stomach weakens so that the stomach acid is not well-Unprocessed and

For example after eating straight sleep-laying down will make the intestine not digest well.

The result can trigger gastric acid out more because the hull “thinks” that the food is less terlumat well in previous digest processes.

The movements in yoga must be done

Dragging yoga will give a chance to fill the stomach and intestine so it moves and faster mixed with enzymes in stomach and intestine.

To prevent ulcer relapse you need to avoid the originator factor like above and should eat in small portion but more often.

If your ulcer complaint accompanied by the burning of the heart of the heart creeper to the neck and the tongue of the tongue, accompanied by the mouth feels bitter, the teeth are easy to hollow, the smell of the mouth then the possibility

It is a heavier form of ulcer due to the flow of gastric acid and causing irritation along the upper digestive tract.

🌴 wrong consumption

Many of those who are sick of ulcer think that consumption of vegetable and fruit can help reduce symptoms of ulcer pain.

Big mistake.

More meat consumption is really helpful for ulcer pain.

Because meat is longer the process of cernanya than vegetable or fruit.

So the stomach acid works maximal crushing the meat you eat.

Not destroying your body.

☘ ulcer pain because of bacteria bacteria

There is one cause of ulcer pain caused by a bacterial attack.

If this is severe, it needs special medical treatment.

If you don’t believe, try your own test.

No need to brush your teeth before going to bed.

Then the next day if your ulcer pain is relapse then the possibility of your ulcer pain is caused by helicobacterpylori bacteria which is actually a bacterium that is important also for the process of digest and generally lodged

But if it’s excessive because it doesn’t brush your teeth and then it’s swallowed up to the stomach then it will cause

If this type of medicine is easy.

Be diligent to brush your teeth before going to bed.

Wake up and after eating.

🌿 oh yes…

That ulcer pain can’t heal for life.

Because actually it’s not a disease.

But already the natural mechanism of the body.

Like you ate and then processed and thrown by the anus to the latrine.

Kebelet Beol is natural.

Likewise the stomach acid is reasonable.

Even an important role in the process of digest.

Because of that…

Usually occasionally will still appear in the stomach.

The important thing is to keep him from excessive and causing worse pain and complications.

Stomach acid is normal and important for the process of digest in the body.

But if excessive and not managed well can paralyze.

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