What’s Not Likeable about them? 10 Disgusting and Annoying Habits of Filipinos

Filipinos are set of people who are usually stereotypes as brusko, kind, loving, sweet and gentlemen. But these men also have imperfections. They are not all the time in their perfect shape, and let’s say, manners. They also have disgusting and annoying habits just like all other genders in the planet. To give you some, here’s a list of 10 disgusting and annoying habits of Filipinos!

  1. The “harvester”

Since medieval times, it has been a customary behavior to never pick the nose in public or any place where you are being watched or you have a company. However, Filipino men tend to disobey and break this traditional behavior. Instead of going in the restroom to pick their nose, they just do it whenever and wherever they like. It is really disgusting, especially if the men is well-groomed. But, some people have already been used to it, particularly if they comfortable with “the harvester”.

  1. Beard Shavings in the sink

We think this is true for most men in the planet, not just for Filipino men. Why? Because almost all men have that preference of clean and beardless face. And where’s the most comfortable area in the restroom to shave your beard off? It’s in the sink! Well, it’s really annoying and disgusting, particularly if you like clean and orderly sink.

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