What’s Not Likeable about them? 10 Disgusting and Annoying Habits of Filipinos

  1. Peeing Anywhere

This is the most gross of it all! Filipino men have been used to being comfortable in peeing anywhere. Like in the dark areas of the road, or sometimes even in the gates of their neighbors! Their common excuse goes something like, “they cannot hold it in any longer”; so instead of peeing in their pants, they just pee anywhere. The smell stinks, and they still do not care. It is really disgusting to the maximum level!

  1. Peeing in the Shower

Because men realized that they can pee anywhere, Filipinos also realized that they can pee in the shower! Yes! Thinking the the urine will just go down the drain and be carried away with the bathwater, they just recklessly do that. But they forgot about the smell that’s gonna stay on the floor. It is absolutely disgusting.

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