Who’s Behind the “Laglag Bala Scheme”? An Airport Employee Reveals!

Philippines’ Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has been a scary and traumatic place for travelers in the past few months. A scheme to delay flights and charge extra fees has been going on. This scheme, the “laglag bala” is a tactic made by some to earn extra money!

An airport employee, hiding by the name “Manuel” shared how and why this scheme has been conceptualized. He primarily divulged the truth behind this traumatic strategy because of the pity he has for all the innocent and victimized passengers and travelers. .He said that the persons behind this were the employees and officials themselves.

The major reason why these people have thought of this plan was because they are really and to a large extent, underpaid. Their salary does not suffice for all their personal and family needs. So instead of finding another job, they just thought that this laglag bala scheme would be a solution. The money that they were getting from the scheme ranges from P1,000 to P50,000. This  money would then be divided fairly to all the personnels who participated in the scheme. And from this extra money, they are assured of a more smooth budget for their family.

Some of the scheme’s top victims were usually the rich and the foreigners, because as Manuel have said, these people are afraid of complications so they would just bribe their way out. Manuel also showed how airport employees and officials plant the bullets themselves. Watch the video below to see the operation first hand.

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