10 Good Things You Should Know About Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

3. On Corruption.

During the last election campaign period, fight against corruption is one of Trillanes major platforms. As one would remember, the Oakland Mutiny which has exposed him to pursue a career in politics is actually an act of controlling corruption during former President GMA’s reign. But, his liking and interest to fight corruption is rooted in him way way before. He actually written several scholarly articles regarding corruption in the procurement system of the Navy, he wrote this while he was a graduate student of Public Administration at UP Diliman. He did great while writing the article, so it was published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).

4. Happily married.

They say similarities attract; and Senator approves of this. Senator Trillanes is a happily married man to his wife Arlene Orejana, a PMA graduate like him. The two met while studying at the Philippine Military Academy. Arlene is among the 7 female cadets in Class of 1997 and was also among the top of that class. Senator and Arlene used have three kids, Francis Seth, Thea Estelle and Alan Andrew. But their youngest, Alan died at 21 days old. Arlene then was stationed at PMA to serve as one of PMA corps of professors there together with their two kids.

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