10 Good Things You Should Know About Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

5. Engineering degree.

From Electronics and Communications Engineering to Naval Systems Engineering, Senator Trillanes really has that passion for engineering. Before entering PMA to take up NSE, he used to study ECE at De La Salle University in 1987. But, soon as he realized that he want to study instead at PMa, he left DLSU even with only a few trimesters left to finish ECE. This decision, initially was not supported by his father who also was a PMA graduate. He graduated Cum Laude at PMA.

6. Backroom Foreign Relations.

To avoid massive conflict between the Philippines and China, Senator Trillanes was in fact among the “backroom negotiators” regarding the territorial dispute. He was one of those who conducts negotiations to prevent that imminent stand off between the two countries. As reported in Rappler, this was not Senator’s first time to engage in this kind of talks. “Incidents of Philippine Navy ships apprehending Chinese fishermen in the vicinity of Bajo de Masinloc is common. In 1999, the Philippine Navy even “accidentally” sank a Chinese fishing boat. But the conflict never went beyond the standard diplomatic protests. Former Foreign Secretary Domingo Siazon recalled one apprehension in 1998 that was a subject of a diplomatic protest by China involving a young navy officer named Antonio Trillanes IV, who would would later on become a senator and play a controversial role in the tension between the Philippines and China over the disputed shoal”, according to Vera Files compiled by Rappler.

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