10 Good Things You Should Know About Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

7. On showbizness.

Did you know that Senator Trillanes almost become a showbiz personality? Well, yes, almost. He has in fact a very close relationship with Mother Lily Monteverde, a very popular movie producer. The latter has helped him during his campaign period in 2007, in which he has successfully won. Mother Lily still visited him during his imprisonment period. When asked why, she said that he could be one of his ‘real babies’, or those showbiz talents under her management. Mother Lily said that with his manly captivating good looks, he can be a hit star. To disappoint you all, Senator Trillanes said no to this offer. He said that he can never learn to like showbizness because he has no acting talent to speak of.

8. Good-looking person.

Senate’s eyes also never missed how good-looking Senator Trillanes is. Former Senator Miriam Santiago, also agreed with Mother Lily’s judgment of Senator Trillanes being a good looking person. MDS even proclaimed in  public how good looking he is, during a usual senate hearing. After Trillanes delivered a sponsorship speech for his Senate Bill No. 2671, or the Act Strengthening the Career Executive System, Santiago approached the rostrum and said: “I noticed that Senator Trillanes is the youngest and the most handsome senator.” She even suggested that the senator “would look even better if he attempted to smile once in awhile.”

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