10 Richest Cities in the Philippines


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Caloocan is the only divided city in the Philippines; the North section being subrural, while the south is urbanized. It became a city in 1962. In 2012, its total tax revenue is 1.3 billion pesos, while the income from local sources is 1.8 billion pesos.

It is officially called as the “Historic City of Caloocan” where the Katipunan secretly met. It is also the birthplace of Gregoria de Jesus, the Lakambini of the Katipunan. In the present, it is where several commercial centers such as the Ever Gotesco and Victory Central Mall are located.

The Department of Finance categorized it as a first class city and a highly urbanized city. It is also the country’s most populated city with over a million residents. It also has the largest barangay in the country with over 200,000 inhabitants.

It is where major trains pass such as the Light Rail Transit (LRT-1) and the Philippine National Railway (PNR). It is where the Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue begins, and the North Luzon Expressway – Balintawak toll barrier is located.

It was also announced that the 16,000 students would enjoy absolutely free education at the University of Caloocan this Academic Year 2015-2016. The city also opened additional hospitals to improve the medical assistance given to its large population.

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