5 Things You Should Not Do while You’re on Your Period

Let’s admit it girls. We all hate that particular ‘bloody’ time of the month. It’s like feeling never ending pain, and tell you what, feeling like a monster for having a very short temper. However, girls, we still must keep our cool during our painful period. Here are some things that we must remember not to do!

  1. Do not binge eat!

Most of us girls will tend to eat heavy while we are on our period, hoping that digestion would help minimize the pain. But it’s wrong! Eating more than the usual, will just give us that bloated feeling that will make us more irritable. And what’s worse than that is, all the calories won’t go away even after our period.

  1. Do not exercise vigorously!

To shake off that bloated feeling, we will try to exercise, and that is a big NO NO. Our body’s already tired working on its natural process and stressing it more won’t help any further. So I suggest you change your mind about exercising and just lay on bed, read, relax and enjoy your body’s natural process!

  1. Do not wax nor have you tooth picked!

According to several studies, women will be more vulnerable to pain during their period because their estrogen levels are low. So, if you do not want to experience more pain, i suggest you change your mind about going to that salon later!

  1. Do not eat or drink any Dairy products!

These products have certain chemicals that will make us feel stronger and more painful cramps. If you are really want these while you’re on your period, i suggest you look for alternatives or substitutes. Spare yourself from the pain, girl.

  1. Do not go camping outside!

Girl, it’s better to stay at home than catchy infection by camping at some forest downtown. Girls who are on their period are more vulnerable to catching infection, because it is an open wound down there.

So there! Take note of these five simple things while you are on your period. Have a safe bloody week y’all!

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