18 Filipino Celebrities Who Were Born Rich

Admittedly, most of those who pursue a career in the show business want to make their lives better. But that is not always the case. There are celebrities who opted to be in the show business although born to wealthy and already influential families.
Here’s a list of celebrities who decided to tap their creative talents, and pursue their dream career, even though they belong to well-to-do families in the country:

Heart Evangelista



Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero belongs to the Ongpauco clan who owns and runs the successful restaurant chain Barrio Fiesta. Heart reportedly even owns one branch of Barrio Fiesta herself.

Evangelista was first discovered by a commercial agent while at a mall with her sister. She signed up with the Star Magic agency, formerly known as Talent Center, and was part of Star Circle Batch 9. Heart has a foundation called Heart Can, a foundation dedicated to helping children with respiratory diseases, and she is also a spokesperson for PAWS or (Philippine Animal Welfare Society).

Matteo Guidicelli



Gianmatteo Vittorio Fernan Guidicelli was born in Cebu City. He is one of the three children of Gianluca Guidicelli, who was Italian, and Glenna Fernan, a Filipino. His grandfather is the late Senator and Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan.

Gianmatteo Vittorio Fernan Guidicelli Italian dad is in the manufacturing business, and a very successful one at that since Matteo was able to attend one of the most pricey schools in Manila. Matteo was also able to pursue a career in racing which can be quite expensive.

Guidicelli was initially known from his racing career, having started at an early age of 11. He has won numerous awards including being a three-time winner of the Karter of the Year award.

He took an interest in acting upon taking workshops at the New York Academy. As soon as he came back to the Philippines, he went to take up theatre courses in Brent International School and began to participate in plays. He also attended Columbia College in Chicago for two years to pursue a B.A. in performing arts in the field of musical theater.

His acting career started when he became a part of the sitcom Go Kada Go. He appeared in Kung Fu Kids. The next year, he was cast in the soap opera Ligaw na Bulaklak.

Guidicelli is currently a member ABS-CBN’s Star Magic. In 2010, he got his biggest role in the now defunct ABS-CBN primetime fantasy television series Agua Bendita.

Guidicelli also pursued a career in singing. Star Records released Guidicelli’s first single “Someone Like You” as an internet download.

In 2011, he became one of the hosts of the noontime show Happy Yipee Yehey!, which was cancelled a year later. Guidicelli also played Vito in Catch Me, I’m in Love. He played Trevor Wu, one of Kim Chiu’s leading men in My Binondo Girl. In 2012, he starred in his first movie role in My Cactus Heart.

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