8 Things One Should Know About Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin or in real-life, Angelica Locsin Colmenares is a woman of grace, humbleness, beauty and talent. At age 31, she definitely has made her name a very reputable one in the industry. This woman has made several big shows, like portraying the roles of Sabina in Majika, Alwina in Mulawin, and Darna. But aside from being a showbiz personality, Angel has a lot more to offer! Here’s 8 things that you should know about her!

  1. She is beautiful in her every way!

This woman really embodies the word beauty in all aspect. From her personality, and up to how she looks at herself. She is not only an eye candy, but is also a true angel to some of her advocacy groups and sponsored charities. She confidently stood up for what she believes in. She is one kind of woman who faces every situation bravely and proudly.

  1. She is a woman of her words!

It’s touching when someone promises you something; but it’s really the real deal when that someone lived up to the promises. Angel is that kind of someone; that someone who acts upon promises and never breaks one. She believes that when you can’t act out your promises, do not say it in the first place. When she say a thing, rely on her because she really will do it.

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