8 Trivial Things about Coco Martin!

Rodel Luis Nacianceno or Coco Martin, as he is popularly known is more than just a pretty face. He has undergone several triumphs in his life which made him a completely different person today. His rise to fame and influence did not come easy for he has worked hard for this. Saying that he is a person of depth and substance, here’s 8 things you should know about him!

  1. He was once a Kapuso actor!

Coco started as an actor of his current network’s rival, GMA. In there, he has made several appearances on notable shows like Daisy Siete and the like. Although he has been given chances to grace the television as extras and minor actor, he was not able to receive full recognition so he decided to transfer to the other network, ABS-CBN. This decision, he said, has been one of the very life-changing decisions he has ever made.

  1. He’s this simple and cute boy-next-door type!

As mentioned, fame did not just come knocking at Coco’s footsteps. He really had to work hard for it. Aside from that, his family do not belong to the elite class of this country, so subsistence is really their priority. Being the simple and the most humble guy that he is, he once tried to be an Overseas Filipino Worker just to provide for their family. He did not mind about the stigma. See? He’s that simple, and good-looking (physically and attitude-wise).

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