The Aquino Blues: The Biggest Controversies Faced By the Aquino Administration

VP’s Resignation

Vice President Jejomar Binay resigned from the Aquino Cabinet on  June 22, 2015. And the reason? The Vice-President was in an awfully ‘awkward, odd-man out’ situation’.

“He’s really not part of the political party where most, if not practically all of those serving the Cabinet are members. So he seems to be the odd man out. At some point, it really becomes intolerable, especially when the political climate heats up. . . . It’s untenable in the sense that he is still in the Cabinet and a declared candidate, and the President will be supporting someone else, it’s going to be awkward,” UNA’s Interim Secretary General JV Bautista said.

Prior to the Vice President’s resignation from the Aquino Cabinet, the VP has been stormed with allegations of graft and corruption from the Administration. This has reflected negatively, too, on the Aquino administration for persecuting political enemies while overly protecting its allies (e.g. pork barrel scam).

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