The Aquino Blues: The Biggest Controversies Faced By the Aquino Administration

“Tanim-bala” or Bullet Planting Scheme in NAIA

The Philippines is once again thrusted into international spotlight when the “bullet planting” modus operandi at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport was exposed by the media and garnered the Filipino public’s anger. The “bullet planting” scheme have resulted to widespread fear and anxiety amongst air travellers, especially OFWs and tourists from around the world.

The public got even angrier when the Aquino administration attempted to downplay the “bullet planting” incidents and said these are isolated cases and attributed the incidents to Filipino’s superstitious belief in bullet amulets.

More interestingly, the  standard bearers of the Liberal Party (the President’s party) are singing different tunes regarding the actions to be taken with regard the “bullet planting” scheme. This reflected negatively on the administration’s party and the President himself.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte even challenged President Aquino to ‘do something’ about the incidents. Duterte, whom a lot of Filipinos have been pushing to run as President, remarked he might run for President because of the inutile government’s inaction over these bullet planting incidents.

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