Best Among the Rest! 5 Pinay Celebrities Who Graduated With Flying Colors

  1. Agot Isidro

Lately, Agot has been flooded with a lot of criticisms and bashing because of her public opinion posted in one of her Social Networking Account. She has outwardly expressed her political stand about the current doings of the President, and many people have reacted badly towards it. Since that came up, many asked, ‘what type of person is Agot to say something like that to the President?’ After some researches, it is found out that Agot is in fact among the best actresses this industry could ask for! Aside from her superb acting skills, Maria Margarita Amada Fteha Isidro is also is a proud alumnus of New York Institute of Technology where she graduated as a Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising.

  1. Melanie Marquez

Image result for Melanie MarquezAside from gracing the stage as a beauty queen, Melanie has also showed her talent in academe by graduating as a Cum Laude at the International Academy of Management and Economics. But this great strength of Melanie has usually been overlooked because many people just can’t help but notice her for her ‘crooked english’. This is because Melanie has grew up in a rural community in Pampanga. Today, she is enjoying her life together with her family abroad.

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