Best Trans! List of Most Beautiful Filipino Transgenders

Gender is a fluid thing and is heavily dependent on how one acts out and performs his and her role in this complex society. Before, what we know is that there are girls and boys, men and women; only these two. But gender is a spectrum, and there are lots in between being a boy and a girl. One gender type, who is now being widely known are the transgenders. Transgenders are those that acts oppositely to their sex assigned by birth. In this list, we are about the show the male transgenders who have become beautiful a they opt to transform.

  1. Bee Urgello

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Bee is among the beautiful transgenders of the Visayan region. He is born to a well-off family in Cebu. And to tell you how well-off he is, he has a street named after him. His story of coming-out was not an easy one. Being born to a very conservative family and being the only male among the three kids, he has been pressured to live up to the expectations of his family of him. Since his family cannot accept the fact that he is actually a transgender, he left. It was never easy – used to a having good life then transitioning to being broke and jobless. He worked hard to get by each day. So when he learned about a gay pageant, he joined even if he knows he might not win. But luckily, he won the title. After that, he decided not to join anymore as he wants to be remembered as the “Queen with One Only Title”.

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