Celebrities who were Involved in Drugs

4.Sabrina M.

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Sabrina M. or Karen Pallasigue is among the sexy starlets who eventually entered the mainstream showbizness as sexy stars. Some of her notable portrayals were in ‘Favorite Subject: Sex Education,’ ‘Karanasan: The Claudia Zobel Story,’ at ‘Aliw: Masarap na Lason.’ Just this October 2016, she has been caught in a drug operation together with three other sexy stars like Miller and Bolla.

Unlike the others, Sabrina has been caught as a shabu user. She admitted that she has never pushed any drug paraphernalia, she said that she was just a user. Nonetheless, she has been charged with RA 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act. Having caught, Sabrina said that she really regrets having been involved and told her showbiz fellows to quit on drugs or to not even think about doing it.

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