Humor and Beauty: 15 Fabulous Daughters of Local PH Comedians

Beauty gains the interest; but it is humor that sustains it. However, not everyone is gifted with such two amazing qualities. While some are born funny; some are born with just an eye pleasing appearance. In the Philippines, there are lots of comedians, or humorous ones that captured the hearts of totally gorgeous men and women. As a result of their union, humorous and lovely daughters are born. Let us all check out this 17 names who are the daughters of PH’s famous comedians.

  1. Julia Barretto


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Who would have thought that this fabulous young lady is none other than the daughter of the comedian Dennis Padilla? Yes, she is! Dennis Padilla was once married to Marjorie Barretto, a gorgeous woman. These two got married in 1993 but eventually separated fouteen years after, 2007. As results of their marriage, they have produced three wonderful kids including Julia. At 19, Julia already displays the making of a lady with finesse, and with graceful moves.

  1.  Claudia Barretto

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Claudia is the youngest child of Dennis and Marjorie. At 17, Claudia also displays the making of a fine lady already. Unlike Julia, Claudia decided to stay out the messy world of showbusiness and just focus on her studies first. Despite having said that, she loves to do photoshoots for magazine covers, and she loves to play football.

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