Inked Artists: 17 Beautiful Pinay with Tattoos

  1. Lovi Poe

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Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe or popularly known as  Lovi Poe is a 27 year-old actress, who is also appreciative of the beauty of tattoos. This young woman has been through ups and downs and she used tattoos to symbolize those significant events. She has two tattoos, “My Wings” and “My Gravity” which she dedicates to her late father, Fernando Poe Jr. She said that she inked herself so she can always remember what her father has done for her and for their famiy.

  1. Charice Pempengco

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Charice is probably one of the young PH celebrities who has the most number of tattoos. Up to date, she has ten tattoos whom for her symbolizes many significant and memorable events and persons in her life. As one would remember it right, Charice first rose to stardom as a pretty young girl who just turned to be a Lesbian in 2013. It was a news that most people rejected, but it was the most satisfying decision Charice has ever made, she said.

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