Inked Artists: 17 Beautiful Pinay with Tattoos

11, Glaiza De Castro

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Glaiza is your certified Kontrabida! She entered the spotlight in the simplest way possible – she started as an extra to some movies and seryes. When the director noticed her potential, she instantly was casted in a primetime TV series with a minor role. That was the start of her career. Today, she is among the lead roles of the remake of “Encantadia”. But, did you know that Glaiza came from a Christian family? Yes, she’s from one, so relatively she said, that she is more conservative than the others. Thus, getting inked was treated as a little deviant behavior. However, Glaiza still pushed getting inked and her tattoo for her symbolizes a connection with her younger brother Alcris. The tattoo will serve as their connection even if they ever get separated in the future.

  1. Rhian Ramos

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Of course, Rhian would not let her fall behind what’s in. She got herself inked in 2014 in the most traditional way by Apo Whang Od. Her tattoos stand for a hawk and a spider. The scorpion symbolizes the strength she needs to face everyday while the hawk symbolizes her open communication with God. Today, Rhian is among the successful young woman of the Kapuso Network.

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