Inked Artists: 17 Beautiful Pinay with Tattoos

  1. Tuesday Vargas

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Aside from being a popular comedian, Tuesday is  also famous for her body tattoos. She has this one in her back which is really big and noticeable. She said that she only get inked because for her it is one way to express her creative and artistic side. Tuesday is also known for her slogan “Think before you Ink”, a guide and a warning to everyone who wished to be inked.

  1. Ellen Adarna

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    ABS-CBN News

Sexy star, actress and the heir of a business regime. Ellen became an active TV personality in 2005, and has lived an on and off career. Being a girl who obviously has it all, Ellen also took the path of being creative. She has several tattoos all over her body which symbolizes something for her. On her back, a phrase was tattooed “”God grant me the Serenity to accept the things: I cannot change. The courage. To change the things I can the Wisdom to know the differences.”

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