Inked Artists: 17 Beautiful Pinay with Tattoos

  1. Marian Rivera

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Prime as she looks, Marian also got ink on her body. She has this cute little butterfly inked just below her nape. Fo her, butterflies mean a lot of things – her childhood, her young love and her forever. Dingdong, her husband, proposed to her in a butterfly garden abroad, and as a young child, she used to love butterflies. That simple tattoo, indeed mean a lot of things for her.

  1. Solenn Heusaff

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Like all other young stars today, Solenn also decided to get inked. She has a lot of tattoos but the one she’s very proud of is the one on her side, the  rosary. She said that this expresses her faith. Solenn rose to stardom in 2010 has been regularly active since then.

  1. Michelle Madrigal

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This sexy artist, who went on hiatus in the showbiz scene lately, is also a creative artist. Michelle has several tattoos inked on her body. And as she graced the stage on bikini, her tattoo does all the thing to capture everyone’s attention. Similar with others, her tattoos symbolizes several things for her which she opted not to disclose.

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