The most Underpaying Jobs in the Philippines

Different jobs have different wages. Depending on what someone does, there’s a salary package to boot. In the Philippines, the lowest wage anyone can get is P481 for those who work in the city. It’s P349 for provinces. If anyone gets paid less, it’s probably an illegal deal or there aren’t any contracts involved. It could also be one of these special duties that fall into a different category.


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Also known as katulong in the vernacular, these are people who are hired by households to take care of a variety of tasks. This could include anything from doing the laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning and even taking care of children.

Since households aren’t exactly business entities that pay wages, household helpers aren’t covered by minimum wage laws. On an average, a katulong can make five to six thousand pesos every month. On top of that, their employers take care of their living expenses by letting them sleep in their houses and providing them with their daily meals. They can maximize their savings through this system, which usually ends up getting sent to their families in other areas.

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