The most Underpaying Jobs in the Philippines


NCIDA stands for National Cottage Industries and Development Authority. This is the government body that watches over businesses and enterprises that operate within one’s personal home. These are micro-scale enterprises that cater to small markets. Examples of these are souvenir shops, soap manufacturers, antique shops as well as accessory boutiques at tourist spots.

These workers are either part of a very small assembly line or work in troves to complete a certain number of products within the day. Depending on the chosen niche of the business, these people look at salaries that also play within the 200-300 range. This is because their materials are already provided by their employers and all that is needed are their skills and labor.


Below the controversial minimum wage law dangle these career options for the financially-uninterested worker. With the exception of working for free, this is as low as the Philippine job market can offer. These jobs have minimum requirements; sometimes a mere barangay certificate is good enough. In rare cases, a picture is all an employer needs in order to entertain an applicant. It’s easy to land the job, but almost impossible to enjoy the pay.



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